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CARS urges President Biden, Secretary Buttigieg, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Attorney General Merrick Garland to stop the use and sale of dangerous recalled vehicles
in the U.S. government fleet.
Citing Spotlight on America report, leaders ask White House to stop recalled car use, sale
WCTI 13 Spotlight on America
April 15, 2021
16 consumer advocacy groups and watchdogs signed on to a letter sent to President Biden in April. Image credit: ABC News Channel 12
"WASHINGTON (SBG) — New calls for action on an issue Spotlight on America has been investigating for years, now going directly to the White House. More than a dozen organizations are urging President Biden to stop the federal government from continuing a dangerous practice: the use and sale of recalled cars that haven't been fixed. Their letter cites a Spotlight on America investigation that found more than 25,000 recalled cars in the government fleet.

It's a major development in the effort to fix a system that puts tens of thousands of federal workers across the nation, and all of us on the road, at risk. A letter sent to President Joe Biden, signed by 16 consumer advocacy groups and watchdogs, urges him to direct all departments and agencies to end the "unsafe practice of federal employees using unrepaired recalled vehicles." It also calls for a ban on the sale of those cars to the public when the government is done with them....

That letter cites, and links to Spotlight on America's comprehensive investigation into recalled cars in the government fleet, which found at least 25,000 vehicles with potentially dangerous, unfixed problems....

The dangerous and potentially deadly problems we found in the federal fleet included everything from defective airbags to flaws that could stall engines and issues that could spark engine fires."

Read more / watch video: WCTI 13 Spotlight on America: Leaders ask White House to stop use / sale of recalled cars

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CarMax sells cars with
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Dealers claim that arbitration is quick. But Jon Perz in San Diego had to wait over 8 years in "arbitration limbo" before he finally got justice, after Mossy Toyota sold him an unsafe car. CARS produced a short video exposing what happened. More than 1.3 million people have watched our video on YouTube:
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